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In 2007, I graduated from a musical college with the piano as my main instrument. This lead into my academic degree of “Executive Music Producer” from the Akademie Deutsche Pop in 2011.

In order to broaden my horizons in personal contacts and premium brands, I entered “BMW-Welt” in Munich as a visitor’s guide. Speaking with hundreds of people, experiencing their desires, expectations and motivations, I learned the fundamental things of my later profession.

BMW Group gave me the opportunity to accredit as an International Product Genius in 2014.

Since then, I gained experience in public speaking, staff training & development and entertaining on stage.


My deep passion is and has always been music. The strength of this “language” can change people’s minds and has the ability to trigger emotions.

I also have a passion for details. Making a brand an extraordinary experience, throughout the entire value chain is exciting to me. These details make a product more than just an item, but a premium.

It is this, combined with passionate entertainment, spoken words, and emotion, that gives a company a strong vehicle to advertise its products & brands.


At the age of 19 I founded my own company. Initially, as a general multimedia firm, I created and sold corporate branding concepts and web architecture. In 2012, I started the music company ENTPRIMA where I consulted artists, wrote, produced, and published music. These albums and singles were then published via ENTPRIMA publishing.

For two years I was employed with BMW Group at BMW Welt, the event and delivery center in Munich. My responsibilities pertained to onboarding and employee development.

During this time, I appeared on stage as an entertainer, moderator & conferencier over 500 times and operated more than 500 days of training/personal coaching. My work experience thus far has brought me to Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy & France) and internationally (Dubai & USA).

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Früh erkannte ich meine Leidenschaft, auf der Bühne zu stehen, Menschen mit Worten oder Musik zu erreichen, zu begeistern & zu bewegen. Über die Jahre entwickelte sich daraus meine Profession, die ich über viele Kanäle auslebe. Dabei vernetze ich Menschen untereinander, Menschen mit Ideen & Marken mit Zielgruppen. Wenn wir gemeinsam einen Schritt in die Zukunft gehen, Kulturen verbinden, Ideen zu emotionalen Projekten und Dienstleistungen entwickeln, dann haben wir unser Ziel erreicht. Im Fokus meiner Arbeit steht dabei stets das Element der Kommunikation, durch Sprache, Mimik, Gestik und kulturelle Einflüsse wie Musik. Meine internationalen Netzwerkpartner vertrauen mir als Trainer & Berater, Speaker & Moderator sowie Entwickler von emotionalen Konzepten.


Early I recognized my passion to be on stage, reaching people with words or music, exite & move. Over the years I developed it into my profession, that I trigger through several channels. I connect people with each other, people with ideas, brands with target groups. When we have moved a step into the future together, connect cultures and transform ideas into emotional projects & services, we have reached our goal. The focus of my work is always the element of communication through words, facial expressions, gestures and cultural influences such as music. My international network partners trust me as a trainer & consultant, speaker & moderator and as a developer of emotional concepts.


Music is not the most common topic in the world of communication, consulting & training. That makes it even more important to speak about it. Music is one of the few languages, that every human on earth can unterstand. Audio branding can be such a strong medium to reach the target group on a whole new level. With music you can trigger the receiver with your communication goals of a product, a brand or a specific event. With my diploma in Executive Music Production from The Deutsche Pop Academy in Munich I learned both the creative process of musical products and the business aspect of creative products.


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