Project  Communication strategie for music brand (Munich)

Task  Creation of a lean brand communication

Brand  ENTPRIMA Live!


The brand, owned by myself, started early after my degree from school in 2008. As a passionate musician I wanted to make more than just music, I wanted to create a brand, that triggers emotions, with a smart communication strategy. The elements I created to do so where a unique sound (writing & producing), a brand behavior (words & actions) and a smart slogan (head off, legs on).

The goal was, to define ENTPRIMA Live! as a modern, premium lifestyle brand, that touches the audience with a package of senses, such as hearing, seeing & feeling. Throughout the years my team and I created the behavior strategy, we operated the process of media production (audio & video) and we create the unique music concepts for the events of our customers. In the center is always the communication goals of the certain event or product.